Dr. Shaily Mahendra

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Work and Contact Information


University of California
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1593

EMAIL: mahendra@seas.ucla.edu


About the Contributor

Dr. Mahendra's research interests lie in the area of microbial interactions with chemical contaminants and nanoparticles for applications ranging from ecotoxicology to biodegradation to disinfection. Dr. Mahendra's laboratory pursues research projects employing microbiological, molecular biological, and isotopic tools to (a) characterize microbial communities in engineered and natural environments, (b) optimize biological processes to improve the performance of wastewater treatment or bioremediation systems, (c) explore production of biofuels from industrial wastewater, and (d) investigate mechanisms of transformation, toxicity, and trophic transfer of nanoparticles.

Article Contributions