Dr. Pei Chiu

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Work and Contact Information


University of Delaware
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
468 Harker ISE Building
Newark, DE 19716

EMAIL: pei@udel.edu

WEBPAGE: https://ce.udel.edu/people/faculty-profile/?id=9

About the Contributor

Dr. Chiu studies contaminant transformation in natural and engineered systems. His current work is concerned with the kinetics and mechanisms for the degradation of organic contaminants, such as munitions constituents and halogenated compounds, in soil and groundwater and in treatment systems. A major focus of Chiu's work is the redox properties, such as electron storage capacity (ESC), of biochar and other black carbons. He studies electron transfer reactions between black carbons and chemicals and microbes, processes that have major implications for biogeochemistry and contaminant fate, as well as practical applications in environmental remediation.

Article Contributions