Dr. Michael Annable, P.E.

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Work and Contact Information


University of Florida (ESSIE)
1949 Stadium Road
365 Weil Hall
Gainesville, FL USA 32611

EMAIL: annable@ufl.edu

WEBPAGE: Michael D. Annable, Ph.D., P.E.

About the Contributor

Dr. Annable is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences at the University of Florida. He joined the faculty in 1992 after receiving his Ph.D. from Michigan State University where he worked on soil vapor extraction of multi-component non-aqueous phase liquids. His current interests are in physical-chemical processes related to field scale application of innovative technologies for subsurface remediation. He is also investigating innovative techniques for measuring groundwater flow and contaminant flux in aquifers. He has published more than 60 journal articles and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.

Article Contributions