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Work and Contact Information


1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75201

EMAIL: Loren.Lund@Jacobs.com

WEBPAGE: www.jacobs.com

About the Contributor

Dr. Loren Lund has over 24 years of experience in environmental risk analysis and vapor intrusion (VI) assessments, with an emphasis on human health risk assessments and applied toxicology. He became involved with assessing vapor intrusion 20 years ago as a regulatory toxicologist for the state of Texas. He is a principal technologist and currently serves as the Jacobs Vapor Intrusion and Human Health Risk Assessment Practice Leader. Dr. Lund is responsible for training over 50 staff at Jacobs to perform VI investigations, including state-of-the-art assessment, sampling, and analysis methods. He is a member of the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) Petroleum VI team, where he is a co-team leader responsible for authoring one of the chapters and serves as one of the instructors for ITRC internet vapor intrusion training. He has authored over a dozen papers on VI or human health risk assessments, and has been a session chair or featured speaker at over a dozen specialty conferences on VI since 2004. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry and a BS in Chemistry.

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