Dr. Kevin Finneran

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Work and Contact Information


Clemson University
Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
312 Biosystems Research Complex (BRC)
105 Collings Street
Clemson, SC 29634-0919

EMAIL: ktf@clemson.edu

WEBPAGE: http://www.clemson.edu/ces/departments/eees/people/facultydirectory/finneran.html

About the Contributor

Dr. Finneran’s research focuses on anaerobic microbial ecology, emphasizing basic microbial physiology, its role in biodegradation and biofuel production, and how it can be adapted for specific applications. He investigates metabolic pathways, microbial community and population dynamics, and competing factors that influence contaminant fate and transport using pure / mixed cultures, and contaminated aquifer material. Most recently, research has focused on mixed biological-abiotic reactions that drive contaminant transformation both in situ and ex situ, using FeIII-reducing microorganisms as well as photosynthetic microbes (Rhodobacter spp.).

Article Contributions